kasey (allthingsshiny) wrote,

I got to relax today, and it was sweet.
Michael came over and woke me up. we hung out, played on the computer, got some dinner. Jerry and Chelsea were at the house, and we had some lively debate ... me being a raging liberal, Jerry being the son of a redneck, and michael playing devil's advocate.

I brought Flea and Harley (my mom's dog) home with me tonight, since i'm dogsitting while my parents are at the races. Harley seems confused and the cats are not so happy.

I'm supposed to do something with Kylie tomorrow, so i've got to find some cute outfit that stretches over the shape i'm currently in. ugh.

I got my review yesterday, and a dollar raise. More than i expected, and i'm happy. Finances are settling nicely, between the very healthy rate of pay and my increase in hours. I figured my line of work would earn me a living someday ...

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