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i'm lonely without it ...

Not having my computer is seriously discombobulating.
I have been getting amazing amounts of stuff done without teh intarweb to distract me, though. the kitchen is clean! the stairs are vacuumed! (And if anyone knows what a pain in the ass is is to vacuum bendy stairs ...) I also got some reading and knitting done.

Oh, anyone want a black-and-white stripey scarf? It's not the best thing, it's an early project that i finally finished off. It's narrow and pretty long. First to call dibs on it and promise to wear it can own it. I can post a pic ... when i get my computer back.

I'm not as hopeful as i once was about moving out, so i've decided to try and do the best with what i've got. The A/C will be upgraded, i'll get myself a working oven, maybe put in hard flooring if i can come up with that kind of money. I'll make it a pleasant place to live, and if nothing else i'll make it worth more when i can finally unload it.

Tonight's project is "move michael's stuff across OC." I think it will actually be kinda fun.

I guess i'll go back to watching the football game ... overblown non-event ...

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