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I am filling my long computerless days (okay, it was really just a few hours that i had free last night) playing Kingdom Hearts again. I thought I had it made, all set up with my game and Michael's playstation in my living room - until i hit a part (damn that wonderland!) where i was stuck and could really have used the help of a walkthrough. But no, no computer at home, so no walkthrough. Stuck in Wonderland, looking for evidence to free Alice, i gave up for the night and went to bed.

I am determined to beat this game by April 1, despite my near complete lack of video-game skill. No, take that back - I am an excellent button-masher. I have the manual dexterity to place IV lines in kitten veins, but i am seemingly incapable of hitting four buttons in a set order. Doesn't make sense.

No school this week. Tomorrow, I've got to finish helping Michael move. There's only one big piece of furniture left, thank goodness. I don't mind helping him out, but i'll be glad when this is over. We're supposed to meet up tonight and do something, but i've only got a bit of time before work.

The races over the weekend were televised, and when i couldn't be there, i was watching. There are more and more female drivers, and a few of them really work the "i'm a girl and i'm driving a race car!" angle, which annoys the hell out of me. One of the newer racers, Hillary Will, was being interviewed at the end of the track after a qualifying run. She went on and on about the importance of "girl power" and how great and special it was that more women are racing. Then the interviewer asked her a question regarding her feelings about her performance as a driver.
The girl's response was (and i'm paraphrasing here, since i don't have the interview in front of me) "I'm just trying to do the best i can for the guys that put me in this car."

Way to undermine yourself, stupid. The winner of the race was a woman, Melanie Troxel, who when asked about how it felt to be the first female winner in however long totally brushed off the issue. "I'm here as a driver." she said (okay, i'm paraphrasing again), and i was impressed.

If I ever get the chance to drive a car, I'll fight to make my gender a non-issue. Equality between the sexes will only be achieved when we no longer note every time someone acts outside a traditional role. Actually, i think it will be when there are no more traditional roles.

okay, i'll stop with that rant.

Michael is on his way over, so i guess i should put some shoes on.

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