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stephinextremis: I'd definitely classify it as a need. But if it helps, i try to make myself superior as well as figure out how others are inferior. So i'm a better person for it.

tobiasreaper: I'm still open for a night of beer and pool if you're interested. Thursday and Friday nights, i'm usually free with some notice.

hamsterhuey: I know, and with four cats, it can't be helped. I'm working on major home improvements, starting with a working air conditioner and oven. Carpet is on the list, as Goyle has done major damage.

alexvdl: That's a cop out, and you know it.

I hate.HATE.hate not having my computer. I'm checking my email mostly by cell phone (neat but slow - it's like dial-up!) and at work. My brother's roommate has been a complete dick lately about sharing the computer, so I can only use Brad's computer occasionally. I talked to Alan the other day, and apparently my CD/DVD drive is being stupid. I'd just buy a new one, but things are a little tight for a couple weeks.

Even though money is tight, i'm taking a saturday off to go to a race in Phoenix in a few weeks. Working with my family at Pomona reminded me how much i really like being involved with the race car. Besides, if i don't help with it now, i'll never get to drive it.

Can't you guys see me in this thing?

Work is work ... a 55lb King Charles Spaniel (AKC breed standard: between 13 and 18 lbs) on a ventilator, with fat rolls hanging off either side of the table. I poked him every time i walked by; he jiggled. Also, a 185 lb super aggressive great dane, so bad the owner refused to handle her. She has to wear a muzzle at all times, and even with that tries to attack us.
Why we are saving either of these dogs, i don't know.

Michael and I went out to dinner last night. I love Lazy Dog most of the time, but i do not love crispy flatbread pizza. The place is great, but some of the food is odd and difficult to eat. Anyway, it was $2 beer night and it was nice. We were going to go see a movie, but it was late and we were tired, so maybe tonight. Or maybe I'll actually go out and do something. I had planned to go out to Perv last night, but i didn't know until the last minute if anyone else was going, and i didn't hear the phone ring. I missed out, but maybe next week.

My mom is taking me for a mani/pedi today. I love when i show up here and get Dr. Jekyll and not Mr. Hyde.

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