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Bad dog mom.

Yup. I'm a bad dog mom. I forgot my dog, at work when I left.

There are reasons for this. Amie from work called me at noon Saturday, and asked me to switch shifts with her, my grave for her 430-1230 swing. So I say fine, just a small kink in my schedule. Shift my workday eight hours earlier. Well, the plan that made itself up in my head involved me driving to my mom's house, dropping the dog off, and going to work. I lag, and traffic was horrible, so I end up not having time to get to my mom's ... so ok, the dog comes to work with me ... no big deal.

Work was hell, eight hours of non-stop animalness ... and crazy tweakers without any money. Always so much fun to deal with. So it was busy from the time I got there until the time I left, and as I'm trying to leave, trying to get out at 1230 so I can catch people at TC before everyone goes home, the doctor is asking me to do all these small things. I ran around for another half hour, finishing everything up, and then grabbed my stuff, changed my shirt in the car, and left thinking I had forgotten to do some small task. Driving down Harbor, I was at McFadden when I realized that the small task I had forgotten was to get my dog out of the cage in the back room and bring him with me. So I call my work, grovel apologies, and promise to come by and get him before I go home.

I arrive at TC about 1:30 ... Andy and Kelly were just leaving, and Michael was nice enough to wait for me ... We ended up going over to his house and watching Chinatown ... a damn good movie, depressing in all sorts of ways. But a nice evening, all in all ... I love when I get to spend time with Michael. So rare, lately ... he said he was tired ... I said, when he's not tired, he's working, and soon he'll be in school, too. So I fight for the time I can get. Eventually left there, went and got my poor little dog, and to my mom's, and here I am now.

Tomorrow ... nothing, and then work ... but I'll be in OC all day, at least.

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