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uncontrollable urges

My state tax return came back today, addressed to Kasey and not Easey for once. This is the spendy tax return, as opposed to my federal one, which will be savey money. So I should buy an oven - my house has been without over for far too long - but there are so many distractions on the way to responsible spending. I could get a tattoo ... a bigger iPod ... a whole lot of books ... a weekend in Monterey ...

but i need an oven.

stephinextremis, as you can see, it's still not busy at work. The puppy is barking and Flea is sitting on my lap. The doctors have been asleep for hours.

My flight to Phoenix is tonight. Flea is staying at the hospital, and i hope he doesn't get too scared by himself. I've got bunches of stuff to do before then, including having my roof looked at and a trip to a bookstore (so i don't go crazy, spending all weekend with my family) and to the pet store for kitty litter so that the cats can spend the weekend in relative freshness. i suppose all the animals deserve new toys, too. Definitely a stop at starbucks, for a quad latte to keep me awake until the airport.

I'm really looking forward to sleeping on the plane.

I may get my computer back this morning. This rumor has been by before, though.

Suppose i should go out there and work ... I'll be back in a few days ...

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