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porn dog!

So I worked on porn star puppy last night. Ginger Lynn has a Rottweiler, and it is currently overnighting at my hospital. So far i've seen Rod Carew's cat, Kevin Costner's labrador, Johnny Knoxville's dalmation, an Airedale belonging to the bass player for Van Halen, and some basketball player's dog, but this is the best celebrity pet so far.

Phoenix was nice. We didn't do as well as well as we'd hoped, but there are still bugs being worked out with the car. I'm learning to do "bottom end" - that is, when the car comes back from a run, take off the oil pan and check the pistons and bearings from the underside. It's hot, dirty work, but i really enjoy it. And race car dirty is nothing compared to vet hospital dirty. I'm not going to catch anything from oil.

I still wish i didn't feel like an outsider in my own family. Sibling rivalry between my brother and i only gets worse as we get older. My parents are what they've always been ... my dad can be oblivious, my mom condescending and combative. Most of the other guys on the team are fairly indifferent. I get along fairly well with one of them ... it's just going to suck travelling all these weekends with my family and having only one person to talk to.

I was so happy to see michael on sunday, just for company i love and real conversation ... and then i fell asleep.

there's so much more, and i'm too tired to type ...
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