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I <3 box

I just had a whole thing written out, and LJ ate it. Stupid not-working auto-save.

So i went out for drinks last night with a co-worker and her boyfriend. I'd never met him before, and was glad to find that he was cool and not some HB bro. I mean, he had an Aus-Rotten thingie on his jacket. Anyway, much fun was had even though we were in a yuppie bar full of lame guys, crabby waitresses, and table-campers. When we left, the boyfriend saw that i drove a scion and declared me "Boxcar Kasey". Not so sure about that one ... but we did laugh about it all the way back to michael's house.

I'm supposed to be moving furniture today, but my mom forgot to tell my dad that I'm borrowing a truck, so i guess that'll have to wait at least a few hours.

I really want to have a party again soon. I wonder if michael will kill me if i throw him a birthday party. It's as good an excuse as any.

Starbuck should offer delivery. I'd give $10 for a latte right now, but i'm sure as hell not going out in my troll pajamas for one.
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