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i'd look good on a dance floor

So what have i done lately besides feel sorry for myself? hmm ... I moved furniture. Michael gave his entertainment center thingie, since it doesn't fit so well in his new room. It does, however, fit wonderfully in my living room, with plenty of shelves to display gargoyles and jars of animal parts. The entertainment unit that was in my living room, we moved upstairs into my bedroom. I've been looking for something to replace the collection of discarded side tables that was previously holding up my tv, xbox, and stereo. It almost looks like a real room now, possibly something belonging to an adult. Well, maybe if i didn't have posters everywhere and clothes hanging all over the place.

Levi apparently knows some contractor out my way, so the ceiling/carpet project may actually get done in a reasonable amount of time if this guy checks out. I want to get it all done before summer, and i have no idea how much it will cost. I still don't know what kind of floor i want for the cat's room - something quirky that i won't have to change to sell the house. Maybe some of that fake hardwood Pergo stuff.

If i didn't have so many cats, i could turn that room into an office, like i originally planned.

Left work early last night, it was slow and i was bored. I refiilled all the ultrasound gel holders, fixed up the blood pressure kits, refilled all the hand soap containers, left notes for admin about all the things that are broken, and took care of one gomer patient that i'm sure will be dead before i get there tonight. School today, and a quiz. I'm not even sure what the quiz will be on - something to do with nutrition. eh, dog food is for dogs, cat food for cats. It can't be too hard.

Vacation and the veterinary conference at the end of this week. I'm happy to have a few nights off, i want to go out and do something. a club thing may be planned.

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