kasey (allthingsshiny) wrote,

hell no i'm not coming into work

Day two of vacation:

Someone from work called me and asked if i would cover for her last night. I did a good job of not laughing until i got off the phone. Especially since it was my favorite tech, who knows i hate her.

Michael and I did dinner and a movie last night. Crash was good, but predictable. I'm not quite sure that it deserved an Oscar, but whatever. He's playing playstation now, and we're going to clean out the backyard today. We were going to go to home depot and fix the broken doorknob, but sleeping until two felt like a better idea.

I'm thirsty this morning. I think I drank too much last night.

today ... michael is going to some thing at some nice restaurant without me (grr) and later we're going out to Bunker. Justin is supposed to go as well, and Danny said he would be there. Hopefully not everyone will flake.

My camera does not seem to work with this computer. sadness.

I suppose i should get working on the yard before it gets any colder ...

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