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"I used to party at your apartment all the time!"

Vacation day four:

I hate waiting for people, especially when i have to get up early on a sunday to do it. Half an hour won't kill me, though.

Went to a punk show at the Doll Hut last night, ran into way too many people I knew and even more who knew me. Amazing who you forget. One guy that used to sleep on my couch and fuck every underaged girl that came through now has a really awesome sounding band, and is married with two kids. An old roommate's ex-girlfriend that i hadn't seen in five or so years bought herself some huge fake boobs. My friend Jeremy now has dreads. Cryss was there, hyper as usual. Without owed money, too. eh, i'll get it from him someday.

Justin showed up with a friend - he called me and said that he was looking for trouble, and i told him where he could find it.

The whole night was just interesting.

I think there's some good trauma talks today, and the exhibit hall is open, which means FREE STUFF! I'll be all stocked up on pens, pill cutters, notepads, golf tees, and all the other weird shit they give out at these things.

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