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Anything essential cannot be seen with the eyes

I need to clean my house today, but I'm not ... i slept all day and I'm being lazy.

work last night ... started with a cat vomiting on me, and ended with me getting splattered with pepto-bismol. everything in between was pretty much the same. Such a long shift.

I'm home for today, and back to OC tomorrow afternoon ... I think i'm supposed to do something tomorrow, i don't know, and then I work tomorrow night, and then band stuff tuesday afternoon ... and then back here again, unless i find anything better to do.

I think I am housesitting for my parents again this weekend ...

It would be nice if the gas gauge on my car worked ... I mean, I'm very happy that everything else on my car works, but it gets annoying trying to guess if i have enough gas to get home ... especially when I have the dog in the car and I'm so tired i don't want to stop.

I could be so happy ... i'm willing to take a risk here. I'm not afraid to get my heart broken again. Worth the risk, i think, for what I really want.

I sacrificed my fingernails yesterday, for my bass ... hard to play well with the fingernails. Quite an insult to my vanity, there ...

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