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Vacation day six:

I think i'm done with the conference. Not that the conference is done, but i think my attention span is over listening to lectures. I have it all on CD, anyway. I know, I should go to the whole thing, but I'm just not doing very good at making myself go.

I've learned a lot of stuff at this conference ... some GI stuff, some thoracic trauma stuff, and some exotic blood parasite stuff (like how to pronounce Cytauxzoonosis). I'm satisfied.

Spent yesterday afternoon after the conference having drinks with a co-worker. It was fun. I like having new drinking friends who appreciate beer like i do.

So how to spend today? I don't know ... i could check the weather report and wash my car ... i could clean all my clothes out of my mom's house like i promised ... Tonight, Michael and I are supposed to meet for dinner after he gets off work, and I'll probably go home after that. It'll be nice to be home tonight, wednesday, maybe even thursday during the day. I work wednesday night, but no big deal. I just miss my house, i've been in OC all weekend for the conference. Sunday night, I went home for just a few minutes to feed and check on the animals.

There's a lot on my mind ... i wish i could say i was as perfect as i try to be.
*scrubs brain*

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