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march march along ...

It's degenerating into drudgery again.
i rarely see my boyfriend, i think he's married to his job. i think he likes it that way. he's not any easier to reach with a cell phone than he was without. I tried to call him on his birthday ...

I sat through a four hour infomercial (called a nutrition lecture, given by an employee of a food company) at school, and then went to work for nine hours that felt like ninety. All the energy i didn't have on busy saturday, i had last night, and so few patients to share it with. I finished my projects, even spent time chatting with the receptionists that I don't like.

and what to look forward to? maybe another drum n' bass thing like last week. It was fun. it was certainly interesting. but, maybe not. depends on the company and my schedule. maybe a club trip on friday, but then again, maybe not. maybe i'll get to see my boyfriend this week, but ... i really hope so.

For sure, I'm getting my oven delivered on Friday. this is exciting.

For sure, I'm also going to see andy and kelly get married on saturday. This also is exciting. Perhaps even more exciting. This also means that i need to venture out and get them a wedding present soon.

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