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Steph already posted this, but ...
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Seriously, goats are like little affectionate dogs with hooves. if they were housebreakable, i would have one. or a herd of them. little pygmy goats to walk on leashes.

This one belongs to one of our doctors - more realistically, it belongs to his wife - and it developed a urethral obstruction. Apparently, this isn't so uncommon among caprines.

I have interweb access again, thanks to Alan's laptop and my new cable modem. I will do my best to not spill water on this one, which may mean that i shouldn't get blind drunk and then try to play on the internet while holding a glass of water.
at least i didn't spill beer in it.

More and more work people have found my MySpace. I have mixed feelings about this. I took down my link to my lj that i had posted up there ... this is more personal, and i don't want everyone knowing me.

Later this month, i may be going to a rave. this may be odd. i love being guest-listed, however. i feel all special.

Michael is coming up tonight, and we are supposed to see V for Vendetta. hopefully he won't get up here all late, but traffic is so bad on fridays. I have no power left on my phone and no charger here, so i'm trying to resist the urge to call him until he wakes up.

I'm looking forward to spending the night with him, and i'm really looking forward to the wedding tomorrow. Sometime today, i must go out and purchase a wedding present and nylons.

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