kasey (allthingsshiny) wrote,

i feel craptacular this morning.

i managed to injure a couple of piercings ... unexpected consequence of a rushed trip-fall-slide ... so every time i rolled over last night, i woke up in pain. stupid piercing injuries. work is going to be miserable if they don't get better soon. I'm currently hot-compressing my boobs every couple hours hoping to relieve the inflammation.

Three years, no problems. I fall and land on my chest and end up miserable.

my throat hurts, my body hurts. i think i need to ease upon the partying for a while.

My oven didn't come in. The delivery people didn't come. I called the store I bought it from, and it turns out that they're out of them, and no, no more will be coming in soon, and i'll just have to go into the store and work it out with a manager.
I was going to go in today, but i don't want to fight the chaos of a chain home/electronics store on a weekend. Not feeling like this.

There's so much on my mind.

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