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adventures with kaiser

I've been feeling pretty crappy for a few days now. After barely making it through work last night, and having several people remark about haw pale/icky/sick i looked, i decided that i needed to seek some medical attention. My back and abdomen hurt, my lymph nodes in my neck are swollen, i'm having the afformentioned piercing problem with a shitload of associated pain, and i was really weak and wobbly. I looked at my blood under a microscope at work, and found that my white blood cell count was elevated - an indicator that I may have a bacterial infection going on.

So I'm off work at 0500 and straight to the Kaiser ER in Anaheim. First, i really have to say fuck kaiser. I've had this insurance for a year, and it's been the worst medical care I've ever had. The reason I went to the ER was that I know it will take me at least a week to get in to see my doctor, and i was really worried about some of my symptoms. This ER ... cold, dirty, and unfriendly. The waiting, I understand. I've been through enough ER experiences, i know how it works. You wait. But the being forgotten for an hour during shift change, because the staff thought i had already had the ultrasound i was waiting for ... not cool. The assumption that any abdominal pain i'm having is simply "cramps", even though the ultrasound showed i'm mid-cycle and i know what cramps feel like and this isn't it ... also not cool. The lecturing on my diabetes (i don't follow the Kaiser protocol), smoking (yes, i know), and the inherent dangers of nipple rings and how i must take them out immediately even though the condition appears to be resolving and the advice is usually to not let the holes close up with infection inside ... also not cool.

I paid too much for those things to take them out because some doctor in a dumpy ER is shocked by them.

1030 this morning, i finally left, prescriptions for amoxi, tylenol 3, and motrin in hand, and a bandage on my arm where I pulled the iv that they placed (ow) and never used. Diagnosis? Strep throat. all this for strep throat. I declined the script for motrin (hello? i really am not having cramps?) and got the rest of my meds. I didn't take any of the pain med ... i was afraid that I wouldn't wake up on time.

Silly me ... my brother was nice enough to wake me up by dropping a phone on my head. I shouldn't have worried.

I'm skipping class tonight, in the hope that if i get some rest i'll be okay for work. I think i will be. I'm feeling a bit better after a couple doses of amoxicillin and some sleep. I don't have anyone to cover for me anyway, so calling in sick is just not an option.

I'll be so glad when my new insurance kicks in.

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