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I was all pissed off at work Wednesday about a payment issue ... I've paid off Purl's $3,000 bill over the last four months, and i got a snippy little note about how they want to do automatic deductions - $100 a month - from my paycheck.

Oh, no. they do not touch my paycheck.

So i sent back an equally snippy note about how if they really only wanted $100/month from me, I'd be happy to give it to them, but they still couldn't take it from my paycheck. I wondered over the weekend whether my tone was inappropriately aggressive, but nothing i could do but wait.

And what was in my box when i went into work last night? A handwritten apology.
I was a happy girl.

I also saw the reception manager (stephinextremis' nemesis) and she actually seemed to listen to what i had to say. Whether any of it got through to her little robot brain, who knows.

not much to tell other than that ... michael's on nights, so we play phone tag before and after work. He says i'm not making him miserable, and i think he's an amazingly tolerant boy. i put him through too much, but knowing that still doesn't stop me.

I really need a haircut.

Apparently, my computer is finished. Alan just has to bring it by work. I quiver with excitement, and I'm looking forward to an exciting week of reinstalling everything.

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