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A very odd stroke of good fortune.

Damn, I was in a mood this morning. Still can't quantify exactly why. I mean, there are reasons, but I am not usually so angry. I guess it builds up. And I was fine when I woke up. Odd.

Went to the Mouse of Blues and saw Mudbath tonight, with Michael. Ran into a bunch of people I know from various places. It was cool, they played well, but the sound at that place sucks ass.

A funny thing happened on the way out. I needed to get my parking thingy validated. Stop at the Lego store ... they don't validate tickets, we have to have it done at a restaurant.

Okay ...

so we go to a nearby restaurant and walk up to the little hostess stand thing. She stamps the ticket for me, and then asks us if we like Cracker. She for whatever reason had tickets for their show tomorrow and didn't want them.

I like Cracker. I was actually thinking about going to the show tomorrow, but didn't think anyone would want to go with me. Apparently, Michael likes Cracker too. So tomorrow, another show to see. back to the house of blues ... more disney. ack.

I am enjoying the happiness I get ... trying to keep the hearsay and the doubts out of my head ... maybe I choose to remain oblivious sometimes, but it's for the sake of my own sanity. I need for everything to be okay right now.

And it is all ok.

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