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no, i would not like more information about sore throats

I finally got my test results back from Kaiser, after one course of antibiotics has already failed me and I've started myself on a second. "Positive for strep throat," the recorded voice says. "For more information on sore throats, please call the Kaiser Health Line ..." Thank you, you unhelpful recorded bitch.

I really hate Kaiser. My new insurance cards came in the mail, and as soon as I'm eligible I'm going to make an appointment with a real doctor. I also got my chiropractic insurance cards in the mail as well. My work offers paid chiropractic insurance, how awesome is that? Especially considering that all of our backs are pretty much shot ...

My one day off. It's my mom's birthday, so I think my family is all going out to dinner. I have a huge pile of homework to do after that. I have to work at 1400 tomorrow, so I can't stay up all night and do it. At least I'll get to se Michael today, if only for a couple hours.

Checking my bank account, i think my entertainment spending is done for the month ... funny how all the little things add up. Little things like putting gas in a big truck instead of my little car, and trying to get my credit card stuff paid off ... i think i gave them a little too much this month.

My computer is back! Alan finally brought it to me this morning. It's all sorts of awesome. The case has a lock and key, which can be easily circumvented my unscrewing the bolts at the back, but maybe it will slow down the stupid. Not that many people have any access to my computer anyway. Apparently, there is awesomeness inside as well, but i can't hook it up until i go home on Saturday.

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