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Don't take it personally ...

So the contract is finally up on my old cell phone, and I call this morning to cancel. After hitting numerous buttons and trying to deal with a voice-activated system that did not want to acknowlege my voice, I get through to a rep.

Tell her that I want to cancel and get the third degree. I answer her questions, which lead to more questions and her trying to convince me to stay with the plan. I don't want to stay on the plan ... I hate pushy salespeople. I finally tell her one of the reasons I am switching is that I have been unhappy with the customer service. She gets all quiet, then "Hmmph. You know the customer service has improved here recently."

Damn, chick, don't take it personally, I just wanted to cancel the stupid phone. And the fact that I get the total hardsell everytime I deal with them is part of what always pisses me off about Sprint.

And they won't shut off the phone until the end of this billing cycle. *grr* but after the first of June, I'm done with it. yay.

And I can register for school next week. We'll see how well that goes this time.

I was actually thinking about spending today at home, but with the tickets for the show tonight, I'm driving back to OC again. I wonder how much money I put into gas for my car, but then again, I don't want to know. I'm afraid to add that number up.

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