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Michael has been up here all weekend, and it's been nice. We went out to dinner, mostly just hung out around the house. He helped me fix my stuck door and change the doorknobs in my hallway, so that i no longer have to prop the laundry hamper up against the hall closet to keep the cats out. yay for a less ghetto house!

i'm driving him back today, then ... i don't know. finishing my homework ... hah.

We had a long conversation about monogamy. I'm increasingly of the opinion that it isn't sustainable or natural for human relationships. I've heard so many different ideas on the subject lately. Right now, I just don't get the reasoning for monogamy to be the standard in non child-raising couples. Who made up this rule? Anyway, it's one thing michael and i seem to be on the same page about.

It's been so nice to be here, with my dreammadeflesh.
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