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So the good news is, I'm not in the hospital.
Whether it's because i don't need to be or because the bloodwork came in too late for the doctor's office to call me, who knows. but i didn't have to check myself into the hospital today. Apparently, because i haven't been drinking enough water (since i can't swallow it), i've become quite dehydrated. I'm not eating, so i've started digesting myself, leading to an increase in ketones in my blood. The concern is that I may be going into diabetic ketoacidosis, which would be very, very bad.

I'm on antibiotics (in case it's strep), antivirals (in case it's mono), antiemetics (in case i throw up the other pills) and Vicodin (so i can swallow water without crying).

My doctor's appointment was at 1015. I sat in the lobby with screeching children until 1100, and then finally got into a room. It's hard trying to explain a complicated medical history to a doctor when you can't even talk. From there, a half hour in the pharmacy, listenign to old people whine about medicare while i waited for my pills. Pills in hand, I was off to the lab, probably the worst of all of it today. Trapped in a crowded room with bunches of screaming children and their distracted parents. My only salvation is that i just seem to look contagious, and everyone stayed a fair distance from me.

Four hours later, i got to go home and crawl back into bed. I feel a little bit better than i did this morning.

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