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I had to go outside.

Three days of being inside, alone, sick ... cabin fever had set in. I was going crazy, almost willing to go sit at TC or something godawful like that. I called Stephanie yesterday afternoon (just a bit too early, sadly) to find out what was going on that day.

A clucky gathering of hair-dying. I can so go along with that, so i put together the best outfit i can come up with at my mom's house and a full face of makeup. If i'm going to make my first public appearance in a week, I'm going to do it looking good.

I shouldn't have bothered, however. Tina's house is full of animals that wanted to shed on me and lick my face. The pugs, I didn't allow such things from. Sunny, though ... Sunny is Purl's littermate, one of the few survivors of that litter of five that all came in suffering from Parvo. Sunny got to jump all over me and lick my face as much as he wanted. I almost cried just to see him. Purl would have been such a beautiful dog.

The gossip ... Things go on at work that i couldn't have imagined. It's an incestuous pit. I am shocked and appalled that I am so out of the loop.

I overdid myself a bit, playing with the animals and all. Before 2200, I was feeling weak and lightheaded. I said my goodbyes, and drove to Michael's house. Him having no phone, it's a crapshoot whether he'll be there or not. Lucky me, he was home, and i spent some time cuddled up to him, recuperating from my day. Tonight, we're supposed to go do something, depending on how i feel.

I almost got myself tattooed last night. I need to remember that impulse tattoos are not a good thing.

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