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stress levels rising

What have I been up to lately?
well, there is work, and then there is school ...

yeah, that's about it.

I don't have any matching scrubs here today and it annoys me greatly. My top is slightly darker blue than my pants. I am perfectionist.

Looking in the mirror, my hair has faded to an unreasonable level. I may have time Thursday night to fix it, but then again i may not.

There are big plans afoot ... I've gathered money, made appointments, scheduled time ... I'll see this plot through, with the help of stephinextremis and the help reluctant cooperation of dreammadeflesh. What is it? Well, that's just not public information yet.
You'll see.

School would be better if beer was involved.

My air conditioner guy will be installing a new a/c for me tomorrow. The good news is, I'll have new a/c tomorrow. The bad news is that my sleep will be greatly compromised and i will be a cranky bitch at work tommorow night. I've got to rush home after work tonight and corral the cats into one room (and oh, they will hate me for that) and do a super-quick clean of the kitchen and stairs.

Tomorrow is going to be hectic.

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