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the fine line between care and cruelty

You know, if your two kg dog has some horrible disease, say, necrotizing encephalitis, and it has a seizure that makes it fall into the pool and fill its teeny little lungs up with water ... well, some would say that it might be a good time to say your goodbyes and accept the tragedy.

Not my clients, oh no. At my hospital, the owners will put this poor gasping thing on the ventilator, so we can stick tubes into every orofice (and make new orofices for new tubes) and pump oxygen in at pressures so high we worry about rupturing what's left of the lungs. Of course we want to milk a few more pathetic, expensive hours out of little Fluffy! It's just not her time! She's a fighter!

I'd never even heard of necrotizing encephalitis before today, but it's certainly going on my list of diseases I hope I never get.
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