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it all works out to the same

I worked my once-monthly swing shift at work last night - you know, the one i work to remind myself why I prefer working graves. Had plans of getting out on time, but an hour before I was supposed to leave, the grave supervisor got badly bit by a cat and went to the hospital. I stayed until one to help out, then decided I was over it and passed the keys off to Levi. He's perfectly capable of playing supervisor, and i had no intentions of pulling a double. It started raining on me as soon as i walked outside ... figured that was as good sign that i shouldn't be there.

My friend Mary is back from vet school and working with me again, and this is a super-happy thing. Just for the summer, but it's great to have her around again.

Dyed my hair again the other day. I used the bluish-purple, i'm really liking this color. Used a crappy bleach, though, so after a morning of bleaching and dying, i still have roots. dammit. I also did it all without gloves, so i have purple fingertips as well. My fingernails look cyanotic, like i'm just not getting enough oxygen.

For $5.00, you too can be a Jedi Knight. I'm almost tempted. Hell, if the lottery ticket in my pocket gives me $5, there's my Jedi money right there.

today ... maybe wash the car, maybe get my oil changed, maybe do a whole lot of nothing. it all works out the same, I still have to go to work tonight. After this workweek, though ... river!
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