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Just a couple shots from the river.

I actually wore that to the "luau". The sarong was the most tropical thing i had, and the thermal is the only thing i own that comes close to not clashing with it. So that's what i wore saturday night.
I refused to put on a lei.

I call this "Bros, Hos, and their boats".

The view from the back of the boat, where I spent much of Friday with book and iPod, attempting to get a tan.

Whoever came up with the sunscreen/spray bottle combo deserves great honor and prizes. It's brilliant.
and it's also funny to squirt other people with when they aren't expecting it.

Saturday night, the night of the party, there was a huge windstorm. I spent an hour or so avoiding the party and sitting on the rocks around the sign, watching trucks go down the highway and staring back at the cops looking for drunks. When I left this morning, I found the sign had been decapitated by the wind at some point during the night. I'm rather glad I missed that.

I wish i got more pics, but I didn't carry my camera with me for most of the weekend.
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