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Last night before I left for work, Goyle threw up. And then again. And again. And again.

So i debate for a while - i know i should take him in and have him looked at, but he's not so great for the vet, and he hates the car, and i just hate upsetting his happy little cat life. But he keeps throwing up, so i load him into the carrier and off we go, "meowMEOWmeow" all the way there.

Bloodwork and several attempts at an IV catheter later (my cat has horrible veins, turns out), it is decided that he needs a barium series. 60ml of thick liquid syringe fed to my poor baby, and he didn't like it. Then x-rays - immediately after, then in twenty minutes, then every hour for the rest of the night. Goyle does not like being held on his back, i come to find out.

He didn't like anything that was done to him last night. Poor kitty also suffered the indignity of a bath, a rectal temperature, and a nail trim. He doesn't seem to hate me for it, though. Right now he's sitting next to the keyboard, nuzzling me every time i come close enough.

The barium passed, the bloods came back normal, and he didn't vomit anymore after we got to the hospital. Maybe he just needed some attention, maybe i'm just a paranoid cat mom, who knows. Everyone who met him last night loved him, he's such a cool cat. I was sick with worry at the thought of doing surgery on him. Goyle likes to chew on everything, especially plastic and cellophane. I've been anticipating a GI obstruction for years.

But the tests came out well, and even though it was an expensive trip, i'm glad he's home and healthy.

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