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on my own again

I am home, set up in my own bed with multitudes of pillows, my dvd player, some TJ's pasta, and a half-finished book. Life is pretty good.
I'm probably going to be stuck by myself for a few days, with the possible exception of a work-related thing tomorrow, but that's okay. I can manage. I've had Michael helping me all weekend, and it's been great.
So far today, I've made it without any pain meds, just my muscle relaxants. I'll probably take one soon, just to get some rest, but i think i can be off them pretty soon.

It's amazing how much more one feels every bump on the freeway when one's muscles are stretched beyond any normal shape and stuffed with a liter of saline.

Apparently, my having an opinion and not wanting to have vulgar comments made at me have pissed someone off yet again. I really don't care to argue, it's not worth my time.

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