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Nothing Left But Gravity

It was one of those chaotic, unplanned nights that worked out well.

There were two things for me to attend. A backyard party in Garden Grove, just down the street. Justified Anger and Caffeine Scream. All the people from the old neighborhood.

Also, Narcoleptic Youth at the Brigg, playing some short-notice benefit with a bunch of bands I've never heard of.

Backyard show starts at seven. Bar show starts at nine. And it was nearly ten, my brother has a party going on in my mom's house, and i'm short on sleep and trying to get ready. I've been trying to call people, get a group together, with no luck. It's just Michael (who didn't really want to go see punk bands, but went for my sake, bless him) and I.

We hit a liquor store, then stop at the party. Cops are already there (I had figured on staying until they arrived anyway) and I kept on driving, all the way to The Brigg.

The Brigg is an interesting place. Papered with punk fliers from classic shows that I can only guess were printed off the internet, it's trying really hard to be a "punk bar" or a dive bar. The bartenders suck, knocking over Michael's drink once, and taking away a half-finished, overpriced scotch. But they have a stage, and in the end, that's why I was there.

Kate showed up midway through. I didn't expect her to be there, it was a nice surprise. She bought me the shots she promised to me as exchange for a feel-up. She had her boy with her, and a friend from Chicago.

The show was virtually unpromoted. I heard about it yesterday, on MySpace. Turnout was rather disappointing. There were the two notably drunk guys ... one, with ridiculous hair and an Alkaline Trio shirt, kept trying to feed me drinks and made out with my hand. The other was a big scary guy in a jersey, who kept jumping up on stage, telling the band what to play, and apparently tried to start a fight with Kate's boys outside. Joey Bondage smeared stage makeup down my face, but Kate has the photographic evidence of that.

Anyway, Narcoleptic Youth put on a fun show depsite less-than-optimal conditions. I got drunk and rocked out. We all went back to Kate's apartment for more drinks and debauchery. I taunted her cat, who doesn't like me anymore. Michael played social. Kate felt me up. Jager and martinis and beer was had.

We stumbled out of there about 0415, and I returned to my mom's house. Trucks were still parked up and down the street. Walking up, I could see that while the downstairs was dark, all the lights were on upstairs, and all the windows open. Turning on a light in the living room revealed beer cans and bottles everywhere and people sleeping on the couches ... on my couch ... the couch that I sleep on.

I was in too good a mood to wake up the random boy on my couch just to sleep there, so i gathered my things and my poor terrified dog and went off to the spare room upstairs. Luckily, no one was sleeping there.

All in all, quite a night. Glad I gave up my Friday shift.
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