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as i am too lazy to type much, you get pictures.

Just a few more pics from this weekend, starting with the worst hotel carpet i've ever seen.

I couldn't look down while in the room, it was damn near painful.

The trip was long and dull, and I wasn't driving, so I took a fair amount of pictures from the passenger side window.

Welcome to the central valley. Through this whole section of the trip, I was terrified that i would contract coccidiomycosis, and everyone at work would laugh at the irony.

Bridge-building makes for some surreal imagery.

Saturday night, we went to a party of sorts, in the motorhome camp on the hill above the racetrack. It was a nice view to enjoy with a glass of wine and odd mafioso company. And some flamingos.

Beyond the racetrack is one of Napa Valley's vineyards.

The trip home wasn't much more exciting. Some areas were beautiful, though.

And then I found this sign -

- and I had to wonder - Is there a little crow airport? Does it have crow air traffic controllers? Are crow's flight patterns relevant enough to warrant their own designated landing area?
This is what sleep deprivation and long-trip-boredom will do.
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