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time to play hostess

One more day of work to go this week. It's not been so horrible. Another of my favorite receptionists is leaving, thanks to their incompetent manager. I wish I could do more about that situation, but it's not my fight. Otherwise, work has been moderately busy with people that don't annoy me too badly.

Friday, I'm throwing the work party for Steph. Stephapalooza, we're calling it. A friend has offered his home, and i think most of work (critical care, anyway) is going to be there. I posted on the flyer at work that "some refreshements will be provided", which means that I've got to actually provide some refreshments. Damn.

So my friday is a busy one. Recheck with the plastic doctor at 1400, then to Heather's to see if my remodeled boobs fit into the bridesmaids dress she bought me, then meet up with Michael and off to Steph's party.

Hopefully, I'll get my hair dyed by then. I have to wash it so often when working on the car that I developed a white streak down the middle. It's rather hideous, but i'm thinking maybe i'll have time tomorrow night to get a little purple.

Ay, it's a hard life.

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