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let her eat cake

I've got to stop at the grocery store and buy a cake or something for steph's last day. Except I don't want to buy a cake. We always do cakes, and we're all fat enough. I want veggies, but they're not very celebratory. Maybe a cake made out of broccoli, like a really festive quiche.

Mostly I don't want Steph to leave, but some things are far beyond my control. Well, I could puncture her tires, but then she'd not be talking to me, and that would suck just as much.

I'm all packed and ready to go to bakersfield, to work on the car in the sweltering inferno that is bakersfield in august. The racetrack is next to a fertilizer pit. It smells lovely. It's the car, though, i'm sure I'll have fun.

Maybe cupcakes.

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