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nihilism is a beautiful thing.

I'm doing my best to ignore all the 9/11 shit that's being waved around today. Yes, i'm cold. Yes, i'm certainly unpatriotic. In the grand scheme of things, nothing matters, not one of those lives or the many more that our government has taken.

I also don't celebrate any holiday that doesn't give me a reason to drink, like new years, halloween, and my birthday.

The other graveyard supervisor is getting married this week, so i'm working most of this week and the next. Overtime, wee hoo. In keeping with the theme of "People only want to hang out if I don't have free time," all of my plans for yesterday fell through.

Anyway, I'm working every day for a while except friday, when I will drive up to Hollywood to see VAST. I've had tickets for ages, it's super-exciting.

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