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thank goodness for wine.

I just had the kind of shift that leaves me looking forward to a glass of wine all the way home.
There is no logical reason for me to do overtime when the hospital is half full, but nothing in that place makes sense. Like how I went to do a barium series last night, and found that the wrong type (half strength) had been stocked, leaving me unable to do a basic diagnostic study. but anyway ...

Three doctors asking me to do three different things, all at once ... it just isn't possible, and no one ends up happy. And this was before I found one of the techs sleeping upstairs.

I came home to a package on my porch, a box of new clothes, happy goodness! Goyle greatly enjoyed the packaging.

I've learned that I should turn the a/c on before trying on sweaters.

dreammadeflesh and Flea were being super-cute the other day ...

Michael took his nursing boards the other day. I'm glad the stress of studying is over ... now there's the stress of waiting for results. I'm sure he did fine, he's a smart boy.

I'm going to get drunk, then sleep and do this all over again.
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