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grocery list and my attitude problem.

I already have broccoli, and i don't get fresh fruit until i have a couple of days off, so this is what my grocery list boiled down to this morning:

1 bottle wine (riesling)
1 bottle wine (rose)
Round loaf sourdough bread
2 boxes of popcorn

I'm a simple girl, when there's no one up here with me. There are three things i always keep my house stocked with, though: alcohol, popcorn, and oatmeal. Oatmeal was on sale last week, and popcorn this one. I'm good to go.

My mood has been downright dangerous lately. I'm cancelling plans right and left. Mostly, i want to curl up in a dark room under a blanket. No one wants to be around me like this anyway. I'm vicious, i'm snappy, and i won't even pretend to like people.
it'll go away, eventually.

even like this, i miss the comfort of michael.

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