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little miss insulin pump

My day off was actually interesting.

Michael picked me up, we went out to dinner. Macaroni Grill has a "create a pasta" thing, so i got to make my own odd mix of stuff for dinner. Maybe next time, not so much garlic, but it was good. I also learned that I can write my name upside down, in cursive, with fairly little effort.

We had time to kill before the movie, so we walked over to Peet's for some tea. A couple of girls sat down near us, and I hear the girl sitting next to me make a joke about being diabetic. Who knows why, but I was feeling amazingly social last night and struck up a conversation. Maybe because she was wearing nearly the same outfit as me, who knows. But we got to talking about insulin pumps - an idea I've been extremely hesitant about since I was diagnosed. The pumps in the mis-1980s were huge devices with manual controls that had to be carried in a fanny pack.
The pump she wore was smaller than my old pager, and connected to her glucometer wirelessly to automatically set the insulin rate. The whole setup was tiny, totally unobtrusive.
I'm a diabetic in good control despite myself - I don't check my blood sugar as often as i should, since my insurance refused my insulin pen, I don't even do my insulin as often as i'm supposed to. The syringes are a hassle to deal with in public places. Somehow, my blood sugar is usually okay.

I think I might look into this.

My main concerns are still the same - with all the pathogens i deal with at work, a subcutaneous catheter is a potential infection site, and there's always the risk of it getting ripped out while dealing with a fractious patient. But the idea of no more shots ... I got her information, and I think I'm going to talk to her some more.

and i'm sure you all wanted to know about my insulin ...

After that meeting, and an odd incident with a guy trying very hard to be strange, we walked over to see Little Miss Sunshine.

If you have to dig for change in the couch cushions or steal cash from your grandmother to go see this movie, do it. One of the funniest not-trying-to-be-funny movies I've ever seen.

If I only get one day off, I'm glad i got a good one.



( 3 made me bleed — cut me )
Oct. 7th, 2006 09:13 pm (UTC)
Look at you... picking up chicks while with Michael... *L* Sorry. But my English teacher had an insulin pump. But he was also sedentary.
Oct. 7th, 2006 09:41 pm (UTC)
*rolls eyes*
Oct. 7th, 2006 10:41 pm (UTC)
If you keep doing that it'll stick that way...
( 3 made me bleed — cut me )

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