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in search of cheap entertainment

This workweek has gone by fairly quickly, despite it being slower than molasses as far as patients go. Nothing interesting, no surgeries, nothing critical but a couple of diabetic cats.

Maybe I am getting jaded, when diabetic patients on insulin CRI with central lines and hourly glucose monitoring aren't even exciting to me. I need to remember back when i started, when I'd never even seen a central line before. Everything was interesting then ... but i've got a short attention span.

There is no overnight receptionist tonight, so I'll probably get stuck up there ... at least that will be different, maybe.

I'm trying to find something for Michael and I to do this weekend ... something cheap in this area ... maybe a picnic, maybe March Field Museum. Locals, (chatrient???) any ideas? I'm not broke yet, but getting there, so it's got to be free or close to it.

I guess I'm off to work ... one more night until my weekend.

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