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de plane!

We got out of bed (relatively) early today to trek out to the March Air Field Museum. We ambled among the decrepit veterans and strange patch-covered men with cameras to look at old planes ... pieces of planes ... bombs that fell from planes ... outfits worn in planes ...

and then outside in the midday sun to see the planes. A brilliant idea on a warm mid day in the desert, but that's what I do.

We had fun. Postcards were obtained (i've developed an obsession at this point) and after two hours we'd had enough ... back to the air-conditioned safety of my condo.

Michael and I both have Alex's stupid "Fucking a Unicorn" song stuck in our heads ... bastard!

A trip to Trader Joe's means my fridge and liquor cabinet are stocked ... a relatively unusual state for my house. It's clean too, i mopped and took out trash and all those fun things. It's easier to keep this place clean when i know there's going to be someone here to appreciate it.
I think Michael is about to kill Patches, though ... she spent most of last night digging her claws into his side. Throw her on the ground, and she'll just jump up and do it again. I've gotten used to it, but Michael hasn't.

I stopped at a store to buy cranberry juice for my vodka, and i think that's my plan for tonight.
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