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Is beating children really that bad?

Michael's hair is red, and my hair is (more) purple. That is what I've accomplished today.

Well, that, and pissing off my annoying trashy neighbors.

There has been an ongoing battle about the basketball hoop. Technically, basketball hoops are against the homeowner's association rules. Any of you who've been up here, you know that parking is tight, and most space that isn't building or lawn is parking lot.

The child of my neighbor and all of his friends repeatedly set up their basketball hoop directly between my car and the building ... i can't explain well, so i will diagram.

I've talked to the kid's dad before (a creepy, trashy divorced guy who works out in his garage with the door open like he's trying to impress someone), and he's (in the past) agreed to move the hoop. But next time, it's back up in the same spot.

Michael walks in the front door today, and tells me, "hey, those kids just hit your car with the basketball again." I walk out and look at my car, and there are distinct basketball prints on the back of it. None of the kids will look me in the eye.

"Didn't I ask you guys before not to play here?" I ask.
No answer.
"Remember when I talked to your dad before, and you guys moved the hoop down to the other end of the lot?"
"Yeah, but ... we can't play there, his mom won't let us."
"Well, you can't play here - you hit my car, and you're not even supposed to have a basketball hoop."

I turn to get into my car, and hear "We ain't moving shit." Here, i really have to wonder ... why is it such a crime to beat the living hell out of insolent children?
But I restrain myself ... "You guys are so fucking inconsiderate." and i stomp back into my house to get my camera. When I come out again, they're back to playing basketball, bouncing the ball from the backboard right onto my car. I really didn't want to talk to the asshole kid's asshole dad, but nothing else had worked so far.

What I didn't know, and he was very quick to inform me of, was that I was 100% in the wrong, and it was a Horrible Thing to even think about interfering with kids having "good, clean fun". The integrity of my car also takes a complete backseat to the pwecious children having their fun. Oh, and swearing at the kids who swore at me? I may as well have just slapped their rosy cheeks!

So this is war. The HOA was closed when I went by, so Monday morning I'm going by with my pictures of the kids, the hoop, and my car. And I'm not above being the bitch neighbor that calls the cops with noise complaints. The cops up here don't have anything better to do.

I hate kids, especially when their parents back their obnoxiousness up. They should have known better than to piss me off.

Yes, it's petty, but I love my car.

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