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overbooked again

I've got a nightmare of a week ahead of me - fun stuff included, and not fun stuff, a hell of a schedule nonetheless.

Tonight I work 7p-5a, go to my mom's house to sleep, get up at 1p Thursday and go to a supervisor meeting (looking forward to this like a root canal), sleep a little more, then go to Christine's birthday thing (at Hooters!) and then drive home. Drive back to OC Friday night for Heather's bachelorette party and Bats, then Saturday night I work. Sunday is the wedding rehearsal, Monday (morning!!!) i have a doctor's appt, and the wedding is Tuesday ... immediately following the reception, I go to work. I work wednesday night as well, after that shift I'm going to vegas for a race.

I've dealt with worse, but I'm going to be a mess by the end of it.

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