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Glamis and tofurky

so i guess i should update ...

Glamis was awesome. Really, really crowded, but we got some good rides in despite it. I've never seen so many people there, but it's been more than a few years since I've been down there on a holiday weekend. I actually made a couple friends out there this weekend - people that were kids there the last time I saw them, and wives and girlfriends i'd never met before.

I'm incredibly sore ... i used some muscles riding my bike that I don't think i've used in years.

I didn't get many pics, simply because i was fairly nervous about taking my camera out in the sand.

Before I left for Glamis, Michael and I made a huge Thanksgiving dinner. We made too much (i'm still having leftovers for dinner) but it was fun to be all geeky about it.

I drove back Sunday in the daytime, sat on the 10 as it inched its way through the coachella valley. six hours on the road, sun in my face. Grand fun, and I've got a sunburn across my face to show for it. Home for a few hours, than off to work ... don't even ask how that went.

One of my best friends at work is probably getting fired because he's incredibly flaky. It sucks ... if it were my practice I'd probably fire him too, but he's my friend and i wish it didn't have to be this way.
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