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His name is Moose.

He is 217lbs (98kgs), mostly immobile, and suffering from an unfortunate lack of platelets in his blood. Due to this lack of platelets, he was bleeding from every orofice, most notably his nose. The nosebleed was why he was brought in on Thursday evening. Every time he sneezed, a fine mist of blood coated the immediate vicinity.

He was scheduled, despite his lack of desire to move, for "sling walk" every four hours. Do you know how hard it is to move a 98kg dog that doesn't want to walk?

Moose was my patient for the night, and despite all of his shortcomings, he is a sweetheart and i loved working with him. Once he got used to me, his eyes followed me around the room, to the amusement of my co-workers. "Kasey, he's only got eyes for you!"

Me liking a patient is the curse of death, though. Every pet I fall in love with dies in the hospital. We'll see if he's still there on Sunday.

Steph, I'm afraid he's going to be another Senator.
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