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I saw a car accident this morning, on my way home from work. All stupidity and driver error ... if the woman in the car had been polite, paying attention, and not overcorrected after trying to keep anyone from merging, she wouldn't have spun her car out on the 22 and been t-boned by the white van.

this chick was so intent on not letting anyone over from the rapidly ending left lane ... she waited until there was almost no room left for the drivers stuck there, then pulled her car hard to the right when the cars to her left had nowhere else to go. her car spun, tired screeched, and then there was that loud car accident sound.

I'm stuck at my mom's, waiting for the 91 to settle down before I head home. My car is fixed and out of the shop ... no more squeaks and rattles, and a brand new clutch.

I just need a new windshield and she'll be perfect again.

I've got this cough that won't go away, and it's so dry that my skin is cracking.

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