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the haul

Still sniffly and sick, but feeling better.

Michael feels worse than me, but i think he's on the mend as well. he's out of bed more often then not today.

My mom got me Hello Kitty pajamas for xmas. I've been trying not to wear them around Michael, as they make him cringe. My parents also got me a nice little laptop, and I was delighted to find that someone very near to my house has an unsecured wi-fi connection.

Michael got me a bottle of Grey Goose. I'm saving that for when this cold is through and i can taste again.

My brother and I went halfies on a computer for my parents, to replace the ancient one in the race car trailer. My mom opened it and started crying ... "I'm so glad both of you are working now!"
Brad and I were really happy to be able to get them something nice that they needed. My parents are hard to shop for, and this year we both had the money to get them something good.

another night at work ... i hate this week.
Tags: family

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