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flaky people

Plans for this afternoon have changed on short notice, and I'm less than happy about it ... but what am I going to do. bitch? Do boring surveys to kill time? yup, i think so.

1. I call myself: kasey
2. I am this old: 22
5. My favorite thing to drink is: whiskey
6. My favorite food is: i dunno. ramen?
7. I am this tall: 5'8"
8. When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is: check e-mail
9.The last thing I do before I go to bed is: check e-mail

Shower Time!
1. I take baths or showers: showers
2. My favorite soap to use is: this green tea stuff
3. I use this shampoo: Infusium
5. I use a comb or a brush: brush
6. I blow dry my hair or let it air dry: depends what I want it to do, really.
7. My toothpaste is: crest
8. My toothbrush color is: purple
9. I like hot or cold showers: hot in winter, cool in summer

Primary School
1. My mom drove me to school or I rode the bus: my mom took me to school
3. My favorite teacher was: Mrs. Williams.
4. My least favorite teacher was: Mrs. Price
6. My favorite field trip was to: tide pools.
7. What I remember most about primary school is: I remember the general awkwardness.

High School
1. My favorite subject in high school is/was: Law
2. My favorite activity in high school: hanging out with the other loser kids across the street at the donut shop at lunch. Oh, and stealing pompoms.
3: I was in the band and I played: Never ...
4. I was in this school play(s): also never ... I didn't do any thing in high school
5. I was in this crowd at school: assorted misfits.
6. I had detention this many times: once, i think.
7. I drove to school: halfway through my senior year. I was the only senior who had to walk home from school for quite a while.
8. I skipped class this many times: oh man. I don't know.
9. I was always late for class: yes, I was always late for class. Especially the first one and the one right after lunch.
10. I went to prom with: Brent, my boyfriend at the time.
12. My favorite field trip was: I didn't have any in high school.
13. I was in the principal's office this many times: lots ... but mostly because I was always injuring myself in PE.

1. My first cassette I bought was: Guns N' Roses, Appetite for Destruction
2. My first CD I bought was: i don't remember
3. I at one time owned records/or still do: yes
4. My favorite band is: Hmm. Babyland.
5. My favorite female singer is: well, today it's Christina Aguilera.
6. My favorite male singer is: i don't know. favorites are so hard to narrow down ...

1. I still write letters and mail them out: no, none of my friends are in jail right now.
2. I spend this much time online a day: a few hours. and the computer is almost always on.
4. I want to travel to: japan
5. My favorite phrase is: "bite me" has been coming in to frequent use lately ... but as for favorite, i dunno
6. my favorite quote: "Do not stand in our way! We will walk around you!"
8. I live in a: condo
10. My most treasured item is: my chihuahua
11. My goals in life are: get into, and through, vet school
12. My favorite sport to watch is: anything really odd they play on ESPN2 really late at night.
14. I'm so happy I met: oh, the list ...
15. I miss this person the most: i miss lots of people ... I miss Sara, who is living in rural Tennessee ... I miss Jesse, who can't come back to California ... I miss Jeff.
18. I have the most fun hanging out with this person: probably michael
20. This person makes me laugh a lot: Stephanie
25. This is on my walls: bands, lesbians, and Johnny Depp.
26. I'm a sucker for: heh ... If you know ... then you know.
29. The thing that drives me completely crazy is: drama whores
30. The best thing about my life is: the people I share it with
34. This makes me nervous/stressed out/upset: other people unhappy
35. My favorite scent is: nag champa, cherry/vanilla, and Dior Addict.
36. My favorite place to go when I want to be alone: my home ...
37. This was the longest thing i have ever done: nope

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