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FOD finally irritated me enough

I like FOD. I like the format, the community, that I have friends on it. However, I would like it better if it worked in any consistent manner. Last night, I go to post ... not working. Ok, I'll give it time. So this morning, I go to post ... still not working. Argh. I give up. So I'm starting this. LJ seems to work on a regular basis. I'll probably keep both updated, when FOD wants to work.

So I went to Release the Bats last night, with Andy. It was quite strange ... Andy doesn't talk there. At all. Like, total Silent Bob style. I'm not used to Andy not talking ... I mean, that's what he does. All the time. So I had a long, one sided conversation. And I don't talk to strangers ... at least not without a good amount of alcohol, which I didn't consume, so it wasn't the most social event for me. And then some gawdawful band started playing ... between that and the strobe light, the beginnings of quite a migrane. So I went home.

I don't think I'm going out tonight, until work at least ... I should stay in and rest. We'll see.

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