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Things are back in balance for a few days

Tonight was a lot of fun, despite the circumstances. It was awesome to see Steph again, I miss her so much.

Steph and I braved TC for a while, running into Sean, Jeremy, Mattie, and a few others. Shawna and her friend Laurey (Lauren? Lorie?) met up with us there, and I found that she knows a ton of people that I know. Small world.

We went from there to some gawdawful bar in downtown Huntington, where I drank vodka collins, and Steph tried the LA Water. There was a blinkie drinkie thingie at our table ... steph got pictures.

The people I met tonight were a lot of fun, easygoing and accepting. I may or may not be going to the bonfire tomorrow.

I'm home with michael now ... and he's making fun of my speech issues ...
Tags: friends

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