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eagerly awaiting a response

Thursday morning, I sent off my email to my current employer. I explained that I am burned out, frustrated with the current situation, and requested a schedule change to two days a week starting in February. I also requested a response as soon as possible as to which days I would be allowed to keep.

I haven't received a response yet, but that doesn't surprise me.

However it goes, things are changing and this makes me happy. I wouldn't have lasted much longer, the way things are going.

Michael is up here tonight. We've got no plans, little money. But we're here together, and it's nice. I worry, if my schedule changes and he starts working, that I won't see him nearly as much. He starts school and race season starts soon, to complicate things further.

I accomplished absolutely nothing today besides catching up on sleep. that's good and necessary, but i also wanted to go to the pharmacy. Michael got more done than I did today. I guess I can still get my bag packed to go to Denver, or at least get the backlog of laundry done.

Anything going on tomorrow night?
Tags: love, work

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